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Melanie & Scarlet




         This work is a collection of two dresses addressing womens' position within 19th century Southern society.  Outwardly these women took on various stereotypes and appearances within public society; however, inwardly they dealt with issues of entrapment, isolation, and oppression. Melanie Dress and Scarlet Dress are based on the characters from the biblical Southern novel and film Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell.  My connection to these characters is largely based on the film version of which I watched at an early age.  The tragic but elegant fall of Scarlet down the stairs will forever be ingrained in my memory.  It is this visual perception of these two characters that drives my work. By striping these womens dresses down to their skeleton, connecting it with floral, bird, and fence like imagery, and displaying it like a china doll, it speaks about centuries of womens' struggle with the issue of appearance vs. reality.

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