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Walking on Ghosts




I see buildings falling in Glasgow.  I see rubble.  I ask myself where that rubble goes.  I discover that it’s crushed and then used to build new pedestrian streets – so people are walking on ghosts of tower blocks.  –Cyprien Gaillard. ‘New Romantic:  In Conversation with Jonathan Griffin’, 2010.


      Walking on Ghosts contemplates the mortality of people and the spaces they exist within.  Inspired by remnants of past inhabitants found at 101 Prefontaine Place, the 4Culture Gallery and offices in Seattle, WA, these clay dust installations and prints investigate our perception of this changing terrain.


       Through a combination of disintegration and filtration, clay dust images recede and emerge from layer to layer.  These moments of fragmentation found between act as metaphor for change, impermanence, and a device for reinterpretation.  Distorted and ghostly, the installation and prints result in a fleeting, fragile reminder of the consequences of nature, time, and circumstance.

Photos by Joe Freeman

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