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Study of Figures




        "Study of Figures" is a series of experiments conducted in response to qualities of decay, empathy, surrender, and accumulation.   In entering the space, one is surrounded by an eerie, surreal scene.  Six large cocoon-like forms are spaced throughout, hung from rope.  The forms are confrontational.  Their shapes are reminiscent of a human.  There is also a resemblance to a decorative cage.   The forms are made of porcelain.  Each form is altered by either slip-dipped fiber or additional unfired sprayed slip.  It is smooth in texture much like piped icing on cakes.  Its color wavers between life and death.  In one reading, it is as if the color of life has been drained or washed away.  However, the abundance of white in the installation is a confrontationally demanding presence of life.  This tension leads one to question the state of life within the installation.

        It is the contradictions in materiality and meaning that remain with one after viewing the installation.  These contradictions prevent one from leaving with a feeling of completeness.  One must reside to being in a state of constant suspension in the in-between much like the pieces in the room.  They are neither whole nor non-existent. What remains for the viewer to experience and carry with them can in turn be hauntingly visceral and bodily.

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