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Gate to Nowhere




          Gate to Nowhere examines the temporary physicality and meaning of objects and the spaces they exist within.  Built in the Halles de la Fonderie, a building in decay, the piece echoes the circumstances of the building as it is suspended between life and death.  Inspired by gate designs found in Switzerland, Gate to Nowhere questions the gate’s permanence.  By leaving the clay unfired it no longer has the ability to contain or protect, its vulnerability unmasked.  At the end of the exhibition the clay gate will be cut down… its death, and the material recycled with the hope that it will be reused to make future pieces…its rebirth.  This process parallels our relationship with the natural world.   Nature bares life, nature takes life away, humanity resists, but nature in the end has the final say.  And without question the cycle begins again. 

         Gate to Nowhere was installed as part of the 15th Parcours Céramique Carougeois in Carouge, Switzerland in September 2017.

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