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         The Jane Hartsook Gallery is pleased to present Kate Robert’s first solo exhibition in New York City. In her art practice, Roberts uses the decay of specific objects, architecture, or relationships to meditate on the passage of time. In this new body of work, she widens her lens, considering the massive destruction caused by forest fires that blazed across Oregon and much of the west coast in 2020, the effects of which rippled out as far as the east coast and Europe.


         Using clay dust to “paint” on transparent fabric, Roberts recreates the smoked-out landscapes left behind by the raging fires. These scenes cast ghostly shadows on the gallery walls, akin to the long shadow that will be cast by the destruction not only on the individual lives affected by the blaze, but on the long-term health of the environment and all who depend on it. Through skillful, time-consuming work, Roberts crafts the results of swift devastation wrought by the decay of environmental stewardship. 

- Press Release from Jane Hartsook Gallery

Photos © Alan Wiener, courtesy Greenwich House Pottery 2020

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