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Between Thresholds




          Gates have become a symbol in my work to discuss this moment in-between.  They symbolize a separation or a threshold between two forces.  They can dictate a split between class, race, wealth, beliefs, and territory.  Between Thresholds examines the temporary physicality and meaning of objects and spaces.  The installation questions the gate’s permanence.  By leaving the clay unfired it no longer has the ability to contain or protect, its vulnerability unmasked.  At the end of the exhibition the clay gate will be cut down… its death, and the material recycled with the hope that it will be reused to make future pieces…its rebirth.  This process parallels our relationship with the natural world.   Nature bares life, nature takes life away, humanity resists, but nature in the end has the final say.  And without question the cycle begins again. 

           Between Thresholds was created in situ for the 2019 Korean International Ceramic Biennial in Gyeonggi, South Korea.

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